John Sistrunk

John Sistrunk has a B.S. in Biological Sciences, from the pre-medical program of Mississippi College.  His scientific mind gives him a balanced edge with distilling and understanding the “non-physical” dimensions of reality,  how they interplay with the “physical” dimensions of reality, and how to apply this knowledge for practical results.

He is an accomplished meditator with nearly a decade of experience.  His consciousness skill sets include those of the Master Level Reiki, Trans-Dimensional Meditation, Conscious Language, and an ongoing study in Medical Qi Gong.  His main passion is combining these skills into his Consciousness Coaching practice, in which he works with individuals to open their understanding of their unconscious aspects of mind and energy, bring them into the light of the conscious Self, and then form their own methods of working with these aspects to co-create a passion driven realty.

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