Mary Marlatt

goddess henna


I’m Mary Bright Side Marlatt, co-founder of Bright Side of the Moon, henna and mixed media artist, farmer, and qigong/meditation instructor. Many say my hugs are healing…I know everyone I hug heals me a bit so…hmmmmm. Thank you for the exchange!

Blessed beyond measure, and with much yet to learn, my greatest goal in life is to exude divine love always. We bring this love to our community in different ways with our microgreens, qigong and meditation, jewelry, art, and henna designs. Working with us currently are some incredible folks who provide enlightened knowledge and healing light in all aspects of life. Be sure to check out their blogs too!

Well, I have a piece of art to create so I will be back with more about me soon!  Until then I wish you all happiness, love, and gratitude!

Thank you for your presence!

Big Love!





One thought on “Mary Marlatt

  1. Hi, Mary,

    If you get this in the next few minutes (it’s 1:15 on Saturday, July 19), could you please call me? We’re having a henna emergency that we could use your help with, if possible.

    Sarah Cloots
    Ten Thousand Villages

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