Shop on the Bright Side

Welcome to Bright Side of the Moon, online. Our group is a conscience community with many skills and talents to offer.

  • Micro-greens are a powerful super food. Everyone here on the farm gives tender loving care to the micro-greens, the soil, and the water. The greens are a way of life for us, as we utilize all of our talents and passions to bring you the best product we can deliver. See our micro-greens here or come see us at San Marcos Farmers Market Tuesday 3-6 and Saturday 9-1 and soon at Wimberley Farmers Market Wednesday 3-6!

  • Qi-gong, Breath work, Meditation and Reiki are only a few of the services, practices, and disciplines our community has to offer.

    • Qigong

    • Breath work

    • Meditations

    • Healing sessions

    • Event facility/hosting

    • Bright Side of the Moon Events

  • Art is a way of life here on the farm as it is how we apply our passions.

    • John Sistrunk a Self Mastery coach,Reiki Master, spiritual counselor among so many things.

    • Mary is an incredible artist. Her current passion is Henna, a temporary tattoo or body art. She works in many other media as well, including paintings and murals, home d├ęcor designs, ink drawings, jewelry, sculptures and More….

    • Garion Al-Anzi is a Reiki Master with awesome visionary skills with Chain Mail, Sacred drawings, Heart Chanting, Spiritual Coaching and SO much more…

    • Stephanie Saucedo one of the beautiful light beings blessings the greens and bringing them to their peak for you with so much love.

    • Matt is an engineer, artist, inventor, and Nowist bringing you powerful art items made with powerful magic from ancient technologies to the newest inventions. Orgon, jewelry, elixirs and sculptures are just a few. His talents are far reaching to all aspects of life and his artistry utilized in nontraditional ways for incredible results.